What are Microbiomes?

     ‘Microbiome’ refers to the entire habitat of the microorganisms (bacteria, archaea, lower eukaryotes, and viruses), their genomes, and the surrounding environmental conditions. This definition is based on that of the biome, the biotic and abiotic factors of given environments.

      The gut contains the largest, densest, and most diverse microbial community in the human body. The gut microbiome acts as a highly efficient bioreactor, helping to extract energy and nutrients from the food we eat. Compounds that humans cannot digest on their own can be broken down by microbes. The gut microbiome has complex effects on human health and changes in its composition have been linked to several diseases including inflammatory bowel disease, Clostridium difficile infections, autoimmune disorders, and even diabetes and obesity. There are intriguing indications that the gut microbiome may affect sleep patterns, mood, and other behaviors. Hence, the impact of the microbiome on our health and wellbeing is big !!

Shield yourself from diseases

• The test aids in understanding the extent of gut dysbiosis & disease susceptibility.
• The test qualitatively estimates your susceptibility to 16 diseases.
• Your gut microbiome plays a role in the progression of lifestyle diseases.
•The test also provides recommendations in the form of nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

Take control of your diet and well-being

• Community-wide assessment of digestive and metabolic function.
• Provides information on your ability to metabolize diets and drugs.
• Characterizes your lifestyle and diet, associated with weight, mood, disease, etc.
• Indicates whether you are deficient in certain nutrients.
• Integrates all the above and provides you with actionable dietary recommendations to enrich, improve and sustain your health.
• Provides recommendations of probiotic-based supplements for restoring and maintaining a healthy gut.
• Overall, aids in improving and sustaining your health and general well-being.

   Bug Speaks Thailand
• Ordering the service from the online channel, we will send the kit to your address
• Filling out the form
• Collecting the sample (stool) follow by instructions for use
• Sending back to our company, we will send it to India for analysis
• Waiting for the report via Email around 4-6 weeks

    Bug Speaks Thailand


What will my results tell me?

           BugSpeaks® analyses your complete gut microbiome composition characterizes its diversity and abundance, associates them with various disease susceptibilities, with the ultimate goal of generating a comprehensive set of dietary, prebiotic, and probiotics recommendations.

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