What is the Sequential Skin Test?
             Sequential Skin uses the latest gene sequencing technology to assess your skin health beyond the surface.The test is simple and straightforward, but the insights are more than skin deep
Learn the ins and outs of your skin’s health by looking at how your genes and skin microbiome work together, to give you the traits you have.
Unlock your skin’s true potential with personalized recommendations, based on your profile.
Find out what products suit you best, right down to the best active ingredients.
Build up your skincare foundation. Measure improvements with repeat testing.



 12,990 THB (From 16,250 THB)

1 test kit and 3 months of masks

✓ Your Sequential Skin Profile
✓ Your Sequential Skin Age
✓ Your Skin Microbiome and Skin Microbiome Diversity Index
✓ Personal Ingredients recommend
✓ Program Sequential Skin Mask 3 months



  Sequential Skin Thailand

Biome Masks

Biome Mask Sequential Skin
Special facial mask specially designed for your skin

  • This facial mask is soft and comfortable, and will not cause irritation.
  • Excellent moisturizing performance
  • Transparent facial mask with innovative appearance
  • Touch the gel and it will not dry.
  • Environmental protection materials, environmental protection
  • 100% cellulosic material
Our Process
Review by customer
Review by DONUTBeautyBrains


• Ordering the service from the online channel, we will send the kit to your address
• Filling out the form
• Collecting the sample (skin) follow by instructions for use
• Sending back to our company, we will send it to Singapore for analysis
• Waiting for the report via Email and application around 10-14 days


  Sequential Skin Thailand

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