Eat as a friend But why are we fatter than friends?


Eat as a friend But why are we fatter than friends?

Fat bacteria Firmicutes have a habit of eating fat. The more we eat foods that are high in fat. Fat bacteria grow well. Stimulate the body to store more fat causing the body to lose control As a result, obesity is easier than people without obesity bacteria.

skinny bacteria Bacteroidetes acts as a decomposition dietary fiber that we cannot digest help absorb food It is found in high-fiber foods such as bananas, berries, yogurt, and foods high in prebiotics. Skinny bacteria grow well. But if there are too many It can cause irritable bowel syndrome.

That's why we're fatter than friends. Because we have more fat bacteria than their peers,

Bug Speaks can help you check and assess the obese and skinny bacteria in your gut.
to recommend nutrients that are suitable for the body and balance in the intestines good long term health.

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